Apple Mac Support in Ireland

Macintosh Support

Extensive experience with creative, design, sound & film industries. If you're an existing customer, I'm available (7 days a week) with a response time usually measured in minutes...

Having an emergency?

Need to backup, replace or upgrade an HDD/SSD or upgrade/restore your OS & data all in the same day?

I carry 2TB 2.5" HDDs & 1TB SSDs that are suitable for out of warranty MacBook Pros (non Retina).

Onsite Visit

Available for Clare/Limerick area. One hour call out is €60, then €50 per hour (or part thereof).

Remote Online

If you have a Mac OS issue that can be resolved remotely, the fee is just €10 per 15 mins. 9am - 9pm (Everyday)

TeamViewer for Mac OS

Feature Film IT Support

I'm have extensive experience working with 500+ crew, be it on sound stages, on location, art department, pre or post production.

Art Dept File Server

A custom built file server with network appliance is available for weekly hire.

More Info at

Managed Service Provider

Secure European hosting for Mail (IMAP) Calendars (CALDAV) Contacts (CARDDAV) with Webmail integration, Email Filtering, Spam & Malware Protection. Mobile device management (MDM) account provisioning (Mac OS & iOS) inclusive.

MacOS Backup Specialist

Need someone to manage your production backups, archive data, setup 2 or 3 way synchronisation between server locations? Cloud integration options available.

rference, granular synthesis & percussive samples. Hybrid Glitch with ambient sounds.

Created on an ancient Powerbook using Protools, Supercollider, Arboretum Hyperprism, Rebirth, VSamp, Nord Micro, Midi Signals, SR-16, Midiverb. Circa 1999.

* Clan Analogue: cognition/three

all mpeg audio works are
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permission is required if you wish to perform these by any wired or wireless broadcast method. permission is also required for any replication via spinning disk, magnetic tape, solid state memory or any hybrid of aforementioned technologies.


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